Honor 9X pro Full Review 2020

Honor 9X Pro

   We can see the device from the front and the back along with the name moving along to the the side you’ve got on a Honor 9X Pro again just with me on a background on the back there’s very little detail but not to worry as I will go through all the specs as we unbox and set up our new device please know it’s down in the bottom corner there is a 2 vile and certification so we just have a couple of little tabs here that we need to cut through just putting my knife here so just cut through one here and just cut through this one here great so nice backgrounds lift up a lid and on top is our device let’s just wrap this just gonna grab my glass I see what else is inside here before we look at the back because the back is really interesting so we’ve got a little bundle here with bits in so let’s see what we’ve got inside here so first of all you’ve got your sim tools like to add your sim one thing about this device is that it is a dual SIM option so that’s good to know underneath that you’ve got Quick Start Guide here so you can flick through if you do have any questions though as you know please feel free to leave a comment down below I’ll be more than happy to help your warranty card so make sure you register for your warranty and we do have a TP news for the case here so a clear case that we can just put on the device and that will protect our device but you get to look at the phantom purple which looks really nice so let’s show that off now so take a look at our devices in a plastic right in here just take that out are you ready for this and it’s cool you can really see the Honor 9X Pro as well so once you hold it into the light at the right angle you can really see an Honor 9X Pro which is really cool.

Honor 9X Pro Specification

About Features

  I’ll get some really good shots so it’s just saying about your SIM card and the micro SD card options here on the back and we can remove them come around to the front we’ve got a power button which we’re going to turn upon so that is also built into the side mounted fingerprint sensor and it’s your power as well that’s just turning on so let’s see what else is inside the box what I’m going to do is actually just put it in this case just to make sure it stays nice and secure this is a real snug fit to there for the case and then we’re going into the setup process which we will go through together shortly but let’s just see what else is inside the box so I’ve got an emu plug here you will receive a UK three-pin plug this is just a press unit so you will receive a three-pin plug and then we then have our charger just take this out of here so we’ve got a USB connection to a usb a connection here for syncing and charging your device handy just one other thing I did find in the box and sorry I missed this was a 3.5 meal – set that you can use with your device as it does have a3.5 million jack actually on your device next to the USB C charger which is next to your speaker so sorry I miss that in the box but let’s continue yes that’s all we get in there yours might be slightly different again because yours is a retail unit this is just depression it’s the sent out for review you might get some extras in there as well this is the exercise bring him back up our device and then we’re into the Welcome section and we can go through the setup together here so one thing.

I really do like to see down here at the bottom is vision settings which means that I can change the font size or magnification so we’re going to change the font size just making it easier for me to read as I go through the setup process so we’ve got English we’re gonna get started United Kingdom next Terms of Use just agree to these because otherwise you can’t use your device to its full potential is then asking you to insert a sim as I mentioned is a dual SIM option and I’ll do that a little bit later on is then asking us to connect to a Wi-Fi so find your Wi-Fi and connect to your Wi-Fi and then this means you can actually carry on further with the setup process and then get any updates if there’s any required so once connected it will turn blue and you’ll know you’re ready to carry on so I’m going to press next so this now runs the following app galand it will ask you to login with your Huawei accounts so I recommend you login with your Huawei account here so once you’ve signed in with your Huawei ID you can also create an account if it’s your first time you can also create one so I’ve logged in with mine and now it’s asking for some of the Preferences thatI want to use the cloud backup you could do this with gallery contact and the range of different other options.

Term and Condition

 We’re going to go next and then we just have to agree to some terms and conditions then it moves on to device protection and I really recommend that you do this to secure your device and secure all your data so you can set fingerprint ID or you can set a password so if you get to set password you can also choose other options here so you can choose apin pattern or password and the choice is yours so let’s go back and we’re going to go back because I want to use the fingerprint ID it’s also go askersthen to choose this option as well so I’m just going to change minds before did you pin and then what it would do is it will recommend you turn to the side and like I said here nice and cut out in the case is your fingerprint ID and this is your power button as well so just simply place your thumb or your finger but mainly your thumb it’s going to be I think and just move it around and you can see that we’re filling in the fingerprint yeah giving suggested locations and just move around until they’re game it’s done and that’s been asking you to do the wider side of your thumb so just more the sides the top andthe sort of bottoms the tip in your thumb the base of your thumb and just moving around the slide it’s brilliant so that’s all done we’re gonna hit okay we don’t have enhanced services and I agreed to these because I want to get the best use out of my device user experience improvement program again I Agree to these because I want to get the best use out of my device keeping your software up to date yes allow that data input so we can transfer data from an Android device iPhone iPad or huawei cloud backup we’re going to gonext because I don’t need to do that because I want to use the device as itis from the box straight from the factory so our device is set up and it’s ready to go here so please note when using this device you’re going to be used in the following app gallery get all of your applications and looking forward to seeing.

How this works we’ve been mainly using iOS App Store Google Play Store but moving forward while we’ve come up with their own options which honor are using that’s called the highway at gallery so if we go in here so as you can see we’ve got our applications in here and you’ve got the likes of addy – you’ve got the likes of Amazon so everything can be found in here we’ve got snapchat you’ve even got tick tock if you want to use tick tock so you’ve got all the applications that you are used to yes there might not be all here at the moment but they’ll be getting their applications coming through very soon as the highway at gallery grows but setting that aside let’s actually talk about the device and what actually power performance is inhere because it has taken an extraordinary step forward compared to the honor 9x that I recently had on a channel and we recently done some work with with pocket vision so they’ve really stepped up and really changed itso let’s go through some of the specs so first of all the color of this device is phantom purple and that’s the only colour that’s available here.

About Display

 Honor 9X Pro display size is six point five nine inches and remember that’s always corner to corner it offers sixteen point seven million colors and the screen resolution is 2340 by 1080 it has a pixel density of 391pixels per inch inside you’re going to get extraordinary power and performance thanks to the Huawei Kiran 810 chipset which is a seven nanometer processor italso offers the Vinci dedicated mpu architecture which means that their houses GPU turbo 3.0 for gaming inside you’ve got 256 gigabyte of internal storage and it is expandable up to 512 gigabytes thanks to a micro SD cards offers six gigabytes of RAM which is really gonna help when it comes to the gaming side as well all of this will last very long with the 4000 minutes or battery and they shouldn’t get overheated thanks to a liquid cooling system so on the back of this device is a 3d jewel curved glass and that’s where you get a really nice sort of X design in there and I’m really looking forward to really getting a really good shots of it to show you as you notice it does have a side mounted fingerprint sensor so let’s see how fast that is so we will look like right quick tap and away we go quick tap and away we go so easy so let’s lock on a vise try with a different finger no quick tap and away we go that is how good the side-mounted fingerprint sensor is I really do like it on the honor devices seem to work really quick really fluid and yourinstant away you go,

About Camera

 It’s a next step let’s look at the cameras the cameras have always been good on on advices this comes with a triple rear camera which has a 2 megapixel depth assist camera which is in F two point four in the middle you’ve got a 48 megapixel which is your main sensor which is an F 1.8 half-inch CMOS sensor and at the bottom you’ve got an 8megapixel super wide angle camera which is f 2.4 which means you get everything and everyone in your shots which I’m really looking forward to testing and trying now we’re allowed out and about a little bit more we can meet up with other people which is good you will also find an LED flash underneath so we’ve talked about the cameras on the rear but what about the front there’s no inbuilt camera in the screen as this has a motorized pop-up camera so there it is we’re quite used to this on some devices that we’ve seen previously so this is a16 megapixel camera which is an F 2.2 aperture it’s quite wide actually so you should be able to get everyone inside here of course we will be doing a dedicated review on the camera so please watch out for that as soon as you sort of dismiss the camera goes away and it has the drop protection as well so it will sort of automatically fall in if it’s dropped which is really good it’s quite sturdy and Qwest strong as I’ve mentioned in other device reviews so now your device is all unboxed and ready to use that on a 9 X Pro is ready to take out into the world and really test out and see how low it does obviously it’s got some new features that I want to talk about some really explore I know some people have been a little bit skeptical about this but I actually want to go in open-hearted open-minded and actually try the highway out gallery for what it is I know it’s something can you it’s always good to have something new so let’s find out how it works and how it sort of works together with all the applications that we’re so used to using so that will be coming up in a future video also I’ll be talking about the accessibility features on this device as well making sure this device is still accessible for everyone no matter their ability we will also be bringing a camera review as well putting the camera to the test now we’re allowed to go out and about a little bit more we will be bringing a camera review so please watch out for that and then after four weeks of use I will be bringing my review of the honor 9x pro which will be open-hearted about what I think and what I feel this device  

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