Huawei P40 Pro Plus Full Review 2020

Huawei P40 Pro Plus
Huawei P40 Pro Plus

The Huawei P40 Pro Plus is finally here With five ultra-sensitive Leica cameras and 10x optical zoom and nano-ceramic coating on the back assembly 40 watts wireless charging, however, its most expected feature should be this periscope-style 10x variable zoom telephoto lens camera this is, in fact, one of the best on the available market but, how exactly does this thing fair in actual use? Huawei P40 Pro Plus Huawei’s P series smartphones are their major series that mainly focuses on fashion styling The P40 Pro Plus had seen significant improvements over the aspects of design and manufacturing Officially they named this thing the quad curvature screen I’ve already talked in detail about this feature in my previous videos reviewing P40 and P40 Pro the feedback from upper slide return is quite nice and if you put the phone on a level surface the screen looks like if there’s liquid about to pour out of it the frame around the screen is very thin and the metal framework of the assembly around the 4 corners have these deigned bulges this design feature helps preventing the screen from shattering if the phone was accidentally dropped if you turn the phone to its back, you can see one of the major upgraded features which is the rear cover with nano-ceramic coating this one we have here is pure white, which looks absolutely stunning the color is very clear, and the texture feels smooth.

HUAWEI P40 PRO PLUS Specification

Let’s just say compared to the AG manufacturing process which is commonly seen on the market these days the texture of the ceramic coating feels high-end your handprint does not show easily on top of this white color the texture is also very smooth and refined It almost feel like it’s soft I’m not a hundred percent sure on this adjective here and in fact, the hardness of this rear cover piece on the P40 Pro Plus scores a solid 8.5 on the Rockwell scale you do not have to worry about scratch damage at all even if you’re not using a phone case but you guys won’t really leave it naked, right? despite the previously mentioned pros of the ceramic material, there are also some cons associated with it the major con of this design is the weight the P40 Pro Plus weighs about 226 grams naked it really feels quite heavy in your hands.

About Camera

The camera, however, is also a major selling point of the P40 Pro Plus the IMX700 main optical sensor is the biggest in size compared to all the current mass-produced equivalents its base is about 1/1.28 inch with RIB arrangement and 50 million pixels and it also supports the OIS optical stabilization the ultra-wide-angle camera is an IMX608 with 40 million pixels and based at 1/1.54 inch which is also the biggest known wide-angle CMOS in smartphones to date P40 PRO Plus also uses two telephoto lenses a 3x variable zoom lens and a 10x variable zoom lens yup, you heard it right not a 5x, but a 10x optical zoom lens both lenses have 8 million pixels and support OIS optical stabilization the 5th camera is, in fact, a 3D sensor camera which is used to detect space and range this makes the P40 Pro Plus the only smartphone that has 3x OIS optical stabilization on the market how exactly did Huawei achieve 10x optical zoom in such a tiny framework? they did this by folding the incoming light under a module of similar volume to the previous generation model the rays went through 5 reflections the traveling distance of the ray was increased by 178% compared to the previous model this is how they achieved 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom the real time performance of both the main camera and wide-angle camera of the P40 Pro Plus is superb the exposure and balancing are accurate the highlighting suppression is on point if you zoom in, you can see that the image is very rich in details and you barely see any visible image sharpening when filming scenes against strong light such as the sunset in this very photo the sun and the clouds look very natural the color is very photo-realistic and the AI process is very natural when you feel like 1x zoom is too far while 10x zoom is too close you can film using the 3x telephoto camera this is also a very high-quality lens this is a very commonly used focus range in photographing.

We’ll make a comparison to the well-known Samsung S20 ultra in the aspect of high level zoom starting with 10x zoom the stabilization of the P40 plus is visibly better the image remains clear despite a faint hand tremor the distant structure would appear clear upon first look in both images but the difference is quite visible after you zoom in you can still see clear and visible separation of lines in P40 Pro Plus while the S20 ultra’s image looks like a jumbled mess when you are photographing a sunset scene against strong light the edges of the sun is clearly visible in the P40 Pro Plus image and the darkened structure while the sunset in the S20 ultra’s image is overexposed and the darkened structures are visibly particle-like that’s quite a huge difference in some other scenes with insufficient light source the difference between 10x zoom is more visible while under 100x zoom, the image is extremely magnified the image from P40 Pro Plus is much clearer with more visible detailed like this set, you can read the characters easily from the P40 Pro Plus image and in ultra dark light condition where naked eye can only see pitch black You can clearly see how great the image from P40 Pro Plus is, I don’t really have to say anything here a little conclusion all 5 cameras of the P40 Pro Plus have separate uses none of them are just there for show and they are all of very decent quality the main camera and wide-angle camera with their great sensory area can be used in so many different scenarios you can choose whatever photo-structure you like with two telephoto cameras this 10x optical zoom technology is such a boundary breaking innovation with such amazing camera functions.

About Processor

As for the performance, the P40 Pro Plus is equipped with a Qilin 990 5G processor we’ve had this on the show for multiple times already you can play most of the popular phone games without any issue you can even play some games in 90 frames-per-second however, despite the LPDDR4X ram being on last-generation standard you don’t really feel the difference between it and the LPDDR5 though as of battery capacity the battery capacity of Huawei P40 Pro+ is 4200 mAh if you’re just working 8 hours a day it won’t see any issue with light usage you can probably have another 30-40% of battery left when you get back from work however, you’d be hitting some boundaries if it sees some medium use during the day as of charging, despite the fact that wired charging is still around 40 watts wireless charging is also upgraded to 40 watts you can charge to about 61% after around 30 minutes and it takes only 71 minutes to charge to 100% and this is just wireless too and it is just as fast as wired charging this certainly comes in handy in many scenarios some other details include that the processor comes with integrated 5G chip which supports SA and NSA dual mode 5G it also comes with the most up-to-date 5G frequency range Gotta say, Huawei sure is the leading tech company in 5G that’s for sure it also supports WiFi 6 Plus with 160 Hz of bandwidth with a WiFi 6 router the maximum transfer rate of date could reach 2.4Gbps Linear motors.

About Features

IR-remotes comes standard the phone is also rated IP68 for water and dustproof operations it’d definitely still work if you accidentally drop it in water We had very detailed reviews of the P40 and P40 Pro and now the P40 Pro+ just brought this series another fine upgrade it just gives off this “high-end” automate everything including the design, manufacturing are all quite commendable especially with the cameras 10x optical zoom has to be the top-level on the current market but it does still come with some cons such as it does not come with dual speakers and it weighs like a brick but these do not cover up the points where this phone really shines I don’t think calling this the top-level Huawei product would be an overstatement alright, for more content, please check out my channel we have a database of current phones on the market as well, it’s available in our WeChat public account at this point, we’re about done reviewing the entire Huawei P40 series of phones We focus on the actual user experience instead of objective “facts”.

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