Infinix Note 7 Full Review 2020

Infinix Note 7
Infinix Note 7

Helio G70 chipset is a major feature of this phone. Which is one of MediaTek’s latest mid-range chipsets? This phone is the 48MP quad-camera setup. Further, with 5000mAh battery, 6GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage, You will get this phone in Pakistan for Rs 28,999. While the price of the 4GB RAM variant is Rs 26,999. The Note 7 Lite will also be available in the market The Helio C70 is a really good mid-range processor. This phone beats the phones with Snapdragon 665 and Kirin 710 in benchmark scores. This information was provided by MediaTek just a few weeks before. In which the comparison of Helio G70 outran Snapdragon 665. Launch time for different apps or games was also compared. After using it for over a week, I can say for sure. This phone’s performance will not disappoint users. Some things didn’t impress me much. On a few things, the company compromised as well for a reason [competitive price]. Before we go into more details Let’s watch a quick unboxing sequence. If you want to participate in these wireless headphones, You need to watch this review to the end. Did you enjoy this quick unboxing? Please give your feedback in the comments. Speaking of first impressions. This phone is significantly appealing at first looks. This phone will be available in 2 colors, while the one I have is green.

About Features

According to the company, the phone is designed with a gem-cut finish. These cuts and curves are properly done in the design. If you can see the light shades, these are eye-catching. But… This glass-like backside is not glass at all. It’s a mixture of glass and plastic that is being used in smartphones these days. It is not scratch resistant but prone to catch fingerprints easily Note that the last year’s Infinix Note 6, and Note 5 Stylus even before that, both had metal finish. Though they weren’t scratch resistant either The metal finish indeed feels premium. Both had a stylus called XPen which is not present with Note 7. But wait a minute. If you compare with other brands This one is undoubtedly much better. This circular camera model on the back is the appropriate size. Perfectly suits in design. At the bottom, is product labeling. If you can see it. The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the power button, with the volume rocker on the right side. The SIM slot is on the left side. It supports dual-SIM with a dedicated memory card slot. There is a 3.5mm jack on the bottom and a mic. The same old Micro USB port And a loudspeaker… Nothing is given on the top. While the secondary loudspeaker has been given inside the earpiece grill. The phone should be offering a loud volume. The selfie camera is given on the corner. That’s not a desirable placement.

About Display

The size of this Hole Punch Display is 7-inch. 6.95-inch to be precise. Frankly, people who like-sized phones will prefer this one. The single-handed mode will also require slightly bigger hands than average. With 206 grams, this phone doesn’t feel as heavy as it looks. Speaking of the display, it’s only 720p resolution. Note 6 and Note 5 Stylus came with a 1080p display. With a 5,000-month battery, the 1080p display may have worked comfortably But the truth be told, it doesn’t usually matter during real-time usage. Sharpness in video playback is also not bad. It’s enough in fact. Speaking of software, you will get Android 10 out of the box. The company has provided its own XOS user experience. It’s simple and straightforward. You will get an app drawer… and smart cards on the far left home screen. Instant Apps is a special feature, Without installing, anything can run quickly. It could have been a highly desirable feature if it didn’t have a load of ads. There is an app for optimization called Phone Master. It will also have security features and special modes Like game mode in which most of the phone’s resources are used to enhance game performance. Antivirus and App Lock are the two usable features. While using the phone, I did not find any major problems in terms of performance.

About Processor

This is my first experience with the Helio G70. And I really wanted to see for myself how much truth there is in the company’s claims. So benchmark scores were the best option for comparison. Here are the scores the phone made on Geekbench 4. – 1829 Single-core test – 5984 Multi-core test The scores on Geekbench 5 were – 390 single-core tests – 1345 Multi-core On Antutu 8.3 this phone got a score of 193783. The phone’s scores on the 3D MARK test were as follows. – 1197 on OpenGL ES 3.1 – 1183 on Vulkan API. Speaking of PUBG Mobile games In the default configuration, HD graphics were recommended with a high frame rate. And the performance was quite smooth while playing. What to do with the battery you will be using a 5000 mAh battery without worrying. Do anything with games and camera usage, this phone will give you all day easily. With 18-watt fast charging, this phone will be easily charged in 2 hours.

About Camera

When I talk about the camera. This phone is endowed with Qawad-Camera Setup. It has a 48MP camera 2MP macro 2MP depth sensor and a low-light video camera. You will not find the option of Ultra wide-angle shots. But you will be able to record videos in low-light. This camera captures still images of 12MP that can achieve 4x to 5x lossless zoom. You can also capture a full image of 48MP. But lossless zoom will not be available. For portrait shots, a 2MP depth sensor is provided which is now quite common. 2MP macro can take pictures of subjects as close as 4cm or 1.5 inches. Considering the price factor, this camera seems to do better than others. The color reproduction was spot-on. The camera also handles dynamic range fairly well. Image detail is not very impressive but commendable at this price. Thanks to the high-resolution sensor. With pixel banning, the image detail is better at 12MP. Digital noise can be seen on the corners easily. Sometimes even in the dark gradient parts. Overall this camera can be a tough contender at its regular price. Bokeh shots may have problems with edge detection But it’s improved a lot. The maximum video resolution is 1080p and 30 frames per second. But the video quality is just around average. Highlight clippings will often be seen. Super Night Mode didn’t impress me much… The sensor is indeed light sensitive. But the image detail is not that good. In the final remarks, I can say that Infinix thoughtfully decided the features of this phone.

Especially its price. I think this is one of the very few smartphones out there, which are perfectly balanced in terms of price. Means, we often feel in most reviews that the price of a certain phone should have been a bit lower in terms of features. I don’t think the same with the Infinix Note 7 here. But if you ask me a direct question, can I recommend this phone? In answer, there is only one thing on which I will give a conditional recommendation. If you are allergic to large phones, This is not for you. But you don’t care about the size of the phone, You should consider this phone at Rs. 29000. And if you prefer large screen phones, You won’t be wasting your money on this phone. You will definitely like it.

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