Nubia Red Magic 5G Full Review 2020

Nubia Red magic 5G
Nubia Red magic 5G

Nubia Red Magic 5G Gaming Phone with 5G technology built in and comes in between Five to Six hundred dollars or so available with eight gigabytes or up to sixteen gigabytes of RAM with 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage now let’s flip this over and unbox it here so we’ll take the packaging off here or the wrapper and let’s go ahead and open it up and inside we have the phone itself now it should have an under the screen fingerprint sensor we’ll take a closer look at that in a moment and let’s take this packaging off and we have three different envelopes or three different packages so inside this one we’ve got a SIM card removal tool then we’ve got ourQuick Start Guide it says here just some information about the phone and then warranty card as well now on the right we have a charging brick and this is not the United States variant but there will be a United States variants USB a 2 USB see look this back and then in here we should have our USB C charge cable sound here is the charging cable it’s a nice red color again USB a 2 USB C so let’s set that aside and take a closer look at the phone itself let’s go ahead and take the wrapper off the phone this is a really interesting color you can see it says 5G here.

About Camera

You’ve got your cameras so let’s go over the specs of the phone we’ll take a look at the design the specs and everything else now around the outside edge we have a little switch here this is usually a gaming switch we have a little vent on the side so it’s got air that goes through one side and out the other to keep the processor cool then we’ve got some pogo pins for some other accessories they sell on top we have a microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right again we’ve got these shoulder buttons just like last year’s Nubia Magic 3s you’ve got shoulder buttons here you’ve got your vent or intake and then you’ve got a power and volume button here and they feel like they’re metal but I’m not sure if they are on the bottom we’ve got a speaker and then we’ve also got our USB C charging port along with a microphone now we also have a SIM card slot as well now we’ll pop out the SIM card tray and we should have dual SIM capability so on each side we can place a SIM card there is no expandable storage in this phone now let’s take a look at the specs now this is the 12 gigabyte model with 256 gigabytes of storage internally we have a qualcomm snapdragon 865 along with superfast ufs 3.0 storage and ddr 5 Ram so not only is the display 144 Hertz it’s six point six five inches it’s an AMOLED display 1080 by 2340 with 388 pixels per inch and it supports DCI p3now not only is it a hundred and forty-four Hertz but it has a 240 hertz touch esports ultra smooth display.

About Features

It also has 300 Hertz touch sensing capability on the triggers now on the back we have a couple different cameras we have a 64 megapixel Sony sensor with an F 1.8 wide lens we also have an 8megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel micro camera so that’s pretty interesting we can also record in 4k 60 or 8k as well on the front we have an 8-megapixel F 2.0 wide forward facing camera as well internally we have a 4500 milliamp hour battery that supports fast charging with 55 watt chargers and should charge at about 56% in 15 minutes it will charge 100% in 40 minutes if you have that fast charger now it also supports Wi-Fi 802 dot 11a b/g/n AC anda X or Wi-Fi 6 and bluetooth 5.0 a2dp apdex le so this is packed full of specsfor half the price of what you get with a samsung s 20 ultra for example but we don’t have that huge camera array on the back so let’s go ahead and boot it up there we go now we’ll go ahead and set it up so we’ll connect to a mobile network now it’s connecting and checking for updates and one thing I noticed is it says 90Hertz in the upper left of the display so it says detected a new version update now so we’ll go ahead and update and it says it optimizes Play Store Compatibility and camera applications so let’s go ahead and update this now it’s asking if I want to copy apps and data I won’t copy I’ll set it up as new and it says just a sec checking info and we can sign in with Google or do that later we’ll skip that for now and just try to get to the home screen as fast as we can here now this does have an under the screen fingerprint sensor so it says unlock with fingerprint we’ll hit next so we’ll go ahead and setup the fingerprint sensor every time we do it you can see the screen gets brighter that’s kind of interesting.

It’s must be optical similar to what oneplus hassays fingerprint add it will hit next and it says adding finishing touches just to give you a size idea here is the red magic 5g next to a pixel for Excelso you’ll see the size difference thickness wise it’s actually not too big it has a nice curved edge to it so it’s not too much bigger but the display is bigger now if we put our finger on the fingerprint sensor there’s an interesting animation and we won’t copy here now this is the home screen of the Nubia Red Magic 5G and we’ll go to settings here after it updated and you can see this is the 12 gigabyte variant with 256 gigabytes of storage running Android 10 with the March 1st 2020 security patch so it’s actually pretty up-to-date already maybe there’ll be a new update very soon with the latest security patch now it’s also running at red magic OS at version 3.0 now the homescreen skin looks like this it’s pretty familiar as far as any other you’ve seen on rent magic now a couple of things to know this is very similar to the Google Now launcher so if I slide over here we’ve got basically our Google now view but you can’t swipe up to go back you have to swipe back to get there so it’s kind of interesting and then it’s highly customizable so you can see I have it set to 144 Hertz for the display and you have that option to change it from 144Hertz to 90 or 60 and leave it in the status bar so you can change it to 144 for eSports change it back when you need to save someone that’s really nice as well now in the notification in status bar we can also show our network speed so right now it’s gonna give us our overall speed if we’re using network connectivity and it’s just nice that we have all these little customizable options that are really key to people that are playing games on their phone and if you don’t like the gestures that I’ve been using you can get back the navigation bar switch it out to whatever you’d like and other than that you can see we have neo AI for smart game neo speed that helps you with gaming and you’ve just got all these really nice effects such as colorful lighting effects or low power off and all sorts of things now another interesting thing is other than the lighting we have the cooling fan and we can tell it to turn on to max speed or even have it turned on for quick charging so it keeps the battery cool and then you can have it shut down as well so it’s really neat to have all of these different options and it’s just something that’s a little bit different than anything else you see out there and you also have some options such as always-on display.

They have some nice options here but the thing that sets this phone apart from others that I’veseen is not its skin but rather it’s a gaming mode so in the upper left we have this little switch here we flip the switch and we go into our game mode and so you can see we have access to the cooling fan RGB LED strips so if we go into that we have an RGB LED strip on the back so we’ll wait for it to turn on or off it it lights up this part right hereI can turn it on or off if you want to use that and then also the cooling fanon or off and now we also have some other options if we swipe from the right we have options for our fan we have our display switch being switched to 144Hertz just by tapping on it we also have 4d shocks so it’s supposed to be a better haptic feedback motor and then access to things such as blocking calls blocking messages or taking a snap of the phone basically a screenshot and then it also tells us what our CPU and GPU are running at and it’s got a bunch of really interesting stats that you don’t normally see on other phones so it’s definitely setup for gaming now let me go ahead and add some games so we can take a closer look now I’ve added a couple different games to this phone and let’s go into the gaming mode now as soon as I do this you’re going to hear the fans kick so we’ll rotate it here and it’s not terribly loud let’s see if you can hear this now that’s what the fans sounds like you can turn it off with this button here and then it kicks back on and it seems to do a good job you can actually feel air blowing out of the bottom here so let’s go ahead and try a game now because this is in the game mode here you can go through swipe through your games add a game you can sign in andthen if you swipe to the right it also again shows you what your CPU usage isat you can assign your triggers and things like that it’s really nice so let’s go into asphalt 9 first it seems super fast as well and the sound is quite good.

I have it turned down for this video now this game is super smooth at 144 Hertz you can see that everything is running nice and smooth it’s in full resolution everything’s turned all the way up and the phone is staying fairly cool but it is getting a little bit warm and let me go ahead and go back to the game space here you can just swipe in at any time and the back of the phone is warming up a little bit but that’s to be expected when playing something intensive and ramping up the CPU and GPU let’s swipe over and go to call of duty and check that out so this game is super smooth on this display it looks great it looks better than I remember it on the Xbox 360 and in general it’s very playable no problems here the framerate super smooth you’ve got that fan keeping everything nice and cool now if we want to exit the game we can just swipe to the right go to the game space and we’re back to the main screen flip out switch here and we’re back to the home screen the fan shuts off and you just use the phone as a normal device and all of your settings go back to normal it’s a really nice way to do a gaming phone and it’s pretty interesting now as far as the camera is concerned on the back we have some interesting options so if we go into the camera you’ll see that we have some zoom options so let me put the pixel 4xl underneath so you can see this but we can go to 3 X 5 X and then 10 Xand it’s actually pretty clear it’s not too bad and we also have the option for macro photos which you don’t really see too often so what you need to do inorder to get macro is you actually go into the camera family here and then in the camera family you go to macro and so maybe.

I want to get really close to this looks like it’s in focus there we go we’ve gotsome focus peaking which means just the red outline here that lets you know you’re in focus and you can see we have a macro shot so if we zoom in it’s actually pretty nice so it’s nice to have that as an option on the camera and then also you have some really nice video options as well so if we go into the options here you see we’ve got grid and things like that let’s see if we can go back let’s go back to photo or video here rather than go back into options and you’ll see for the resolutions we have all the way upto 8k but it recommends it for outdoor use because it probably needs a lot of light so I’ve set it to 4k 60 so that’s really nice it’s got that option so let’s go ahead and see what it sounds like we’ll go ahead and hit record and now we’re recording from the Red Magic 5G so this is what it sounds like justrecording out of it it does seem to have some odd focus issues from time to time it doesn’t seem like it’s dual pixel autofocus but this phone is fine for most people as far as photos and video but it’s not going to be something like an S 20 or a pixel for excel for photos at least with this current version of software so here’s my video on the Nubia red magic 3s let’s go ahead and take a listen to the speaker’s quick and turn them up they go nice and loud but they do distort it high-end so it’s pretty good you’ve got a nice stereo sound as well that’s it for the Nubia red magic 5g let me know what you think about this color and the phone in general in the comments below for its price it’s really hard to be as far as what you get for specs gaming you’ve got a fan you don’t have an IP rating really that’s going to protect it because you have open vents and things but in general it’s a solid package for the price and you’ve got a hundred and forty-four Hertz display which is really impressive.

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