Nubia Z20 Dual Screen Smartphone Full Review 2020

Nubia Z20 Dual Screen
Nubia Z20

Nubia Z20 this is a dual screen smartphone that’s a little bit different so this comes in at five hundred and forty nine dollars and comes in two options blue and black so let’s go ahead and open it up so we’ll take the top off here and inside we’ve got some literature righton top we’ve got a sim card removal tool see what we’ve got in here so it looks like we get a case for the back and this is a TPU case it’s clear it has a little bit of texture to it and then it looks like we have a screen protector that we can apply if we’d like to as well then we’ve got some documentation here it’s got a quick starter guide as well as a warranty card so let’s set this aside and take a look at what else is in the box so here is the phone itself and this is quite a lot of phone for the price let’s set it aside for a moment see what else we’ve got so we’ve got a separate box here and then we’ve got a USBcharger so you’ll see this is the Nubia adapter with USB a on the back and then what else do we have in here I think we open it on this side and then we get two adapters we’ve got a USB c2 3.5 millimeter headphone jack as well as USBa two USB C so let’s set this aside and take a closer look at the phone itselfI’ve heard a lot about this phone and I think it should be pretty interesting now down here at the bottom it tells me that I’ve got a screen protector pre-installed that should be highly transparent and durable let’s take the wrapper off so as you can see this is the black colour.

I talked about so there’s black and then there’s a blue colour as well this has eight gigabytes of RAM inside along with 128 gigabytes of storage for 549 like I said earlier it’s covered in gorilla five both front and back and we’ll talk about the displays in a moment but internally this actually has a pretty good processor in fact it has one of the best processors if not the best snapdragon 855 plus with an Adreno 640 GPU it has a four thousand milliamp hour battery and has three cameras on the back and the cameras are 48 megapixel it’s an F 1.7 Sony sensor with optical image stabilization then there’s an ultra wide 16 megapixel F 2.2 along with a telephoto 8 megapixel F 2.4 and it can record 8k video at 15 frames per second in 10 bit which is pretty impressive butI’m not sure you would want 15 frames per second now let’s look around the phone and then we’ll turn it on so on this side we have a volume button here we have our power button then on the bottom it looks like we have a speaker and a microphone with a USB in the middle and then on this side it looks like we have another button here as well as our sim tray and then on the top we have a microphone again let’s pop the sim tray out and see what we have inside so it looks like we have dual SIM cards in here so if you want to use a couple different SIM cards you can do that and let’s go ahead and turn it on now I’m Holding this button here and you’ll see it says new be a smartphone powered byAndroid and that’s kind of interesting it says be yourself and then it has an introduction with a privacy policy and you have to scroll to the bottom and say you’ve read it and then hit continue now.

I’ll set this up in just a moment but the front-facing display is 6.42 inches at 23 40 by 1080 with 401 pixels per inch on the back I don’t see anything yet but we’ll see that in just a momentI think and you can turn it on or off using either button on the side so if I Push the left side or the right side they do the exact same thing so that’s pretty nice I haven’t seen that before let’s go ahead and hit start says connect to a mobile network I won’t put my sim card in just now let’s go ahead and connect to Wi-Fi now as I was typing in my password for the Wi-Fi network you could feel it vibrate with haptic feedback but it wasn’t quite as good assay a pixel for Excel for example it didn’t vibrate as much so it’s okay but it’s it’s not as nice as that I won’t copy any data for now it says checking info I’ll skip signing in for now I’ll do all of that later we’ll accept these terms and then it says please select the input fingerprint so apparently you can set up your fingerprint on either side I’ll select the right we’ll hit nextI’ll put in a pin I wouldn’t ever use one two three four I’m just using it for this demonstration it says touch the sensor so it says lift finger touch again so it’s not quite as sensitive as I’d hoped so normally when I’m just pushing my finger down moving it around if you put it down in the same spot it makes you do it again there we go well hit next and it says adding finishing touches it wants me to consent to location use I’ll just hitnext so now we’re at the home screen and if I hit this button it says switch display screen well hit OK and we should have the display on the back now it’s noticeably more damn or not as easy to see but this is a 5.1 inch 1520 by 720 display with 330 pixels per inch so you still can’t see the pixels but it’s definitely not as bright as the other so I’ll say don’t remind me and then we’ll flip so you can easily flip the display if you want to turn it off we’ll try the fingerprint sensor and it’s back on so it actually works pretty quickly as faras that goes now.

let’s take a look at the version of Android that you get with this and you’ll see it’s Android 9 so you’re not getting the latest I don’t know how they are as far as updates are concerned but this should have some incredible specs so if we want to flip this over we can use this display in the back display well we’re in the district in the actual camera will hit agree and it’s kind of interesting to be able to see yourself through the cameras on the back that’s something I think would be pretty useful as far as video is concerned so then you could record yourself with the best camera instead of having to use the front-facing camera that’s typically not as good as the rear camera and you’ll see we don’t really have a front-facing camera here they’ve just put all three on the back which makes a lot of sense so this is something that I think is really interesting and definitely different and will be very helpful for those that want to record videos whether that be of themselves or anyone else this just makes it that much easier to take a selfie that’s maybe a little bit better than you see on anything else I wouldn’t say the display is amazing in fact you can see the overhead camera there the display isn’t that amazing but it’s pretty interesting to see that we have a little display on the back and then we just rotate it around and we can use it on the front now if we go into the camera we’ve got a bunch of different options here as far as grid and all sorts of things but let’s see we’ll turnoff the new be a watermark let’s go back to camera settings maybe we’ll go to video you’ll see what we’ve got we can record in 4k 60 if we’d like and then you can record in h.264 or h.265 or HDR 10 if you’d like to for HDRcontent so this is a really interesting phone with a very large battery for a pretty reasonable price now my only concern would be the updates and let’s see how this fingerprint sensor works it’s actually pretty quick so if I pushdown let’s turn it on over here it’s not going to recognize me push down on this side let’s see if it works now and it looks like it’s not going to work that time what if I turn it off here turn it back on it’s nice and quick so it’s it’s actually not bad it just takes a second to get used to and it works pretty well overall now you’ve got your typical Google apps here and then you’ve got your app drawer with whatever you want to keep in it it’s the so it looks very familiar as far as stocky Android but instead everything is square and you probably have some options to change that as well now the other thing.
It has pressure sensitive gesture controls so I can squeeze it and it will you’ll see it shrinks the phone down or shrinks the screen down so I can easily reach it if I just squeeze it it actually works pretty well so that’s pretty nice actually like that I’ll turn that to theGoogle assistant and it will be just like using a pixel phone and speaking of a pixel phone let me show you for a size comparison so here’s the pixel for Excel If I rotate it around it gives you an idea of the size as far as the thickness and everything else it feels very very nice in fact in the hand it feels very similar to a galaxy s 10 for example the bezels are nice and thin and you’ll see the screen rolls over the side just a little bit but overall I think it’s pretty nice let’s take a look at a couple of the options that we have here now as I said you’ll see it says pressure border and then long grip super screenshot short holding pressure one-handed mode you can adjust the pressure level so that’s something I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere and then you’ve gotten also always on display you’ve got super Icare for your secondary discrete or secondary display so it’s kind of a yellow look to it so it doesn’t harm your eyes as much at night and then it’s a very slippery phone by the way and then that’s about it as far as brightness goes well we’re only at 35 percent brightness we can turn it up that’s pretty bright I don’t know if I’d say it’s as bright as say the newestiPhones or s10 plus but overall I think it’s pretty nice it’s just close tostock Android as I’ve seen let me take a quick photo and see what it looks like now let’s take a photo here and it’s nice and fast doesn’t look bad at all the color is pretty accurate too so it’s hard to say how it would be at night butin general for the price it’s half the price of that pixel for Excel so you’re getting a lot here for your money and even if you broke this you could just buy another one and you’d have the same thing of course there’s no headphone jack but then you’ve got that secondary display you can type on it do whatever you want you’ve got the full operating system on the back although it is a little bit hard to see we can turn it up a little bit so that’s full brightness it looks ok it definitely is not an accurate display but the front display looks great you know just like other Nubia Phones

We’ve got the game space and game space is pretty interesting and fairly helpful if you like to see statistics about your processor and your GPU so you’ll see I have a few games installed here and for example if I go into this game and then I pull in from the right we’ve got a bunch of information here so we’ve got the GPU speed the CPU speed and the actual temperature and then we have a couple different modes here as well to block messages and things like that we can screen capture and it just works really well it’s a nice little addition and it can ramp up the processor and things like that to get the best performance out of these games now I thought I’d try a little bit of Pubg on this phone to see how it handles it and as you can see if I go to the graphics mode here we’re on HDR and extremes it’s handling it pretty well you’ll see I’m parachuting in the frame rate quite good no issues here let me just get down to the ground now I’m on the ground you’ll see the frame rates pretty good I’ve had no issues here and it’s super smooth and fast let’s try something else now you’ll see in this game it’s running pretty well I did see a few framerate drops you may see them yourself here but what’s really impressive is even though this is running if I swap to a different game for example Call of Duty it’s still running I can resume it move around it’s running in the background and the same is true for pub G so if we go into pub key everything’s still running it’s handling all of this at once I was eliminated but you’ll see it’s still working fine and it’s really impressive that it’s all running at once and againI can swap back and forth maybe we’ll go back to this game here zoom and we’re back in so it’s running all of this now the phone is getting a little bit warm on the back but overall this is a very impressive phone when it comes to playing games and then also having this dual screen on the back that has a different different setup that you have from your front screen so you’ll see I’m On the home screen here swap around if I go back in to say this game you can actually have a different home screen on this screen versus the but it just depends what you’re doing so overall it’s kind of an interesting phone but the way it handles games and it’s a memory management is fantastic now.

I noticed in apps like YouTube you can watch HDR video so if we go to this one this is a nice one from LG so say got it here’s the resolution availability so you’ll see you can go all the way up to 1080p 60 in HDR onYouTube maybe even higher with an update to 1440 but again on a display of this size you’re not going to see that resolution but it’s nice to have the options but let me know what you think about the Nubia in the comments below have you used one of these phones I did a review of the gaming phone they had a while ago this is e 20 is very similar although it doesn’t have a fan and it isn’t designed for gaming the other phone has some triggers up here this one is just a dual screen phone that is a little bit different and Iwould say is more for the people that want to take a lot more photo and video because you have that rear-facing camera system along with that rear facing the screen and then you’ve got those dual flashes there if you want to use.

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