OPPO A9 2020 8GB/128GB Full Review & Firmware

OPPO A9 2020

I Will show you the new Oppo A9 version 2020. Now I’m just going to give you a few basic details about this phone that might help you choose whether you should buy this kind of phone or not. First of all, this phone is a blue/purple version of this Oppo A9. They also come in Greenland, and I think that’s it, maybe black Interesting to know, there’s a plastic case that comes with the phone, and there is also a screen protector attached from the factory. Now that is interesting to me. I have no time to faff about trying to put a screen protector on a phone. You know you’ve got to struggle with these annoying bubbles, air bubbles, under the screen protector, it drives you nuts. Anyway, this is what the phone looks like. It comes with a fingerprint scanner on the back – there you go, here -a very nice screen. I did some benchmark tests on this phone. Let me show you a few of the results. First of all, we’ve got the photo quality – now there the benchmark was ‘wow’ – yeah, photos are pretty good, pretty sweet. I Took some uninteresting photos of household items that you’re probably not interested in – eggs, bananas, and so on, there you go, they’re really good, so photo quality ‘Wow.’ I think it’s like a 48-megapixel sensor. I did not count every single pixel myself, I have to admit that. Anyway, inside this lovely phone is a processor, a Snapdragon processor, now just the name is enough to buy this phone, come on, how cool is that?


About Processor & Software

I think it’s a 655, but if I say 655 then someone will say ‘I got a phone with a 675’ and then tomorrow a phone with a 710 will come out. Anyway, Snapdragon, pretty cool processor. Moving on, this phone has some special features, as you can see it has a touchscreen, very very useful, it can play music, you can also take videos and there’s an alarm clock inside and, believe it or not, this PHONE can also make phone calls. So, there you go, a very, very interesting, very sophisticated phone. The build quality of this phone – I did some benchmark tests there – and I would say built quality ‘ninja’. Yeah, if you’re out and about and you’re in a bar fight, I think you can safely smash this phone on someone’s head and it will survive. I don’t know if the person will survive, but anyway, don’t get into bar fights, but it’s pretty strong, it feels high-quality. By the way, the screen is 6.5 inches, that’s as big as the iPhone Xs Max or 10s Max, whatever you call it, so this one has the same screen size as that phone. It weighs 195 grams, not that I’ve weighed it but that’s what it says on the Oppo website, which is less than the iPhone which weighs about 200, whatever, 230 grams. Anyway, it’s not a brick, it’s not a brick if you know what I mean, but it feels it feels good quality, good build. Inside the phone you find some software, it’s called Android Pie, what more do you need Pie, much better than these Oreo biscuits that came before – it doesn’t say what kind of pie -apple, pineapple – I have no idea, but anyway, it’s Android Pie.

About Battery

Which is interesting to know. Now as far as the battery goes, the benchmark tests there pointed to battery performance ‘sweet’ Sweet, yes, I charged it yesterday and we’re now, let’s say one o’clock in the afternoon of the next day, and it’s still like at, I don’t know, I don’t know, it’s still at 77%. I mean, yeah. This phone has a battery of 5000 Mha, milliamp I think that means, and it can charge another phone if you want. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to do that, give up your precious battery life to someone else, hah – no way, they can just get a power bank themselves – but anyway, if you ever want to do it, it is possible. What else can I say about this phone? If you want to know if you should buy this phone, I have no idea who you are and if you want this phone, but I can tell you this phone – value for money is 9 on the Ebenezer Scrooge scale, which goes to ten. This means you can safely buy this phone and still have that life-saving surgery that you need, there’s no trade-off – you can have a phone and not die, unlike other brands where you have to take out a loan just to get a screen protector or a case, so I think it’s pretty good value for money. Anyway, should you buy this phone? I have no idea. There are many, many good phones, excellent Android phones on the market in this price segment. By the way, what does this machine cost? This beast that I bought in Thailand, this is the official retail price, but you can find it on the internet for about a thousand baht less.

About Pricing

Now if you have no idea what this means, that is about 250US dollars and I guess 220 euros. British pounds, to be honest, who cares, it’s worth noting, so I won’t even bother. So that is the price of this phone. Finally, what else do I have? You might have noticed here, when I showed you the build quality, that it said extra goodies, now that’s where that’s the trump card of this phone. It came with an extra box of goodies that I Will show you right now, there you go I don’t know if every shop will give you this. Look at this, how sweet, you got this sweet cat stand, I mean that is priceless. You could, you could put your phone on there, on your desk, on your nightstand, wherever. You have here, I think this is the thingamajig and that’s a thingamabob, and that is another whatchamacallit, high-quality earphones, a very well-built selfie stick, I guess, and then a ring, no no, no not that kind of privateering, it’s a ring to stick on the back of your phone, to take selfies. Premium gift set, I mean come on, that that just seals the deal. So, Oppo A9 Version 2020, available on the internet, your favorite retail site. but I guess you might be able to find it on Amazon or eBay or Alibaba. Do you want to check it out? Go ahead. If you’re happy with it, all the better.

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