Oppo Reno Z Full Review 2020

Oppo Reno Z
Oppo Reno Z

Oppo Reno Zed or Zee depending on your linguistic inclination which is the new sort of budget model in the Oppo Reno range so let’s take a look at it ok so I hopefully have one of the other oppo models here for comparison that one’s actually a 5 G model but it’s exactly the same as the ten-time zoom for G model but this Reno Zed or Zee is something a little bit different it’s priced in the UK at just 299 pounds so it’s less than half that top-end flagship and lower even than the regular Reno but we’re gonna see as we go there’s a lot of stuff that you’re getting that’s quite different to those top-end models particularly it’s missing what’s kind of like the flagship Reno feature which is that pivot rising shock fin selfie camera but let’s get into what we do have so there we go that’s the phone itself the Reno Zee, Zed I don’t know I’m gonna keep going both ways he knows what do you get that’s there’s something else in there once done got even more in there what’s that we’ve got something that’s stuck in there now that’s part of the packaging it’s like I’ve never unboxed a phone before these aren’t even interesting anyways warranty stuff right okay there we go the phone itself if I can get that up so yeah we’ve got the basic like headline specshere 48 megapixel main camera lens which is nice because at a 299 pound phone that’s really good good it’s the same main camera there’s actually in the higher-end models so that’s one the oh you’re still getting short of that great high-end performance and also four thousand milliamp hour battery pretty much the same size you’ve got the vooc 3.0 charging which is the same fast charging the top model you still buy the in screen fingerprint reader it’s then we get there like four gig of ram that sort of thing full gig of ram like that’s fine that’s good but as that’s not flagship and it’s that kind of internal stuff but we’ll see this feels like the cheaper phone.

OPPO RENO Z Specification

That it is you have to forgive me I’ve only like this is a phone I found that was coming to UK this morning we requested it and then the phone turned up this afternoon and this is the only chance we got shoot video so have to very quickly like find out everything I can about this phone so we could get some video out to you guys straight away but we will get to the actual phone a sec what else do we have in here okay we’ve got a case transparent that kind of you know darkso it’s gonna look like block the color it a bit but still it’s nice headphones in I actually don’t know to just have a headphone port it does headphone jack sonormal 3.5 more headphones that come with it you’ll see we’ve got a Europeanpower plug and USB cable for charging and that’s yeah that’s what we’ve got in there so pretty standard stuff nice to get headphones inI can’t imagine they’re the best headphones in the world but it’s one of those things manufacturers increasingly not bothering to include is headphones in the box so especially at this price point is nice to see their student okay let’s get to the meat of this thing so okay now we have that color which Ireally really really like so this is or or a purple you can also get the phone and I think they call it jet black as you can see this purple but it’s just purpley blue II kind of gradient thing that’s going on very purpley at the topI mean it’s actually more blue than purple overall but still I think that’s really nice finish and again especially at this price point getting that kind of nice gradient effect often that’s the kind of thing that drops off of is you get down to the like lower price back of these things and if we look on the back that screen off like the design is pretty similar to the high in Reno you can see like the base sort of aesthetic is still the same obviously the camera module very different and that’s why we’ll see there is some change but call you still got this sort of strip down the middle design which I don’t love but I know other people really do and it’s also got the O-dot.

About Camera

Which is that little like ceramic nubbin that lets the phonerest on it so that the camera lenses don’t get scratched because just like on the high in reno it’s pretty much totally flush with the body in fact I Don’t know sorry that’s there’s a few glass protection on the back of the phone pre-applied so that’s why that looks like it’s a little bit sort of indented that’s just because it’s come pre applied with a protector on the back as well as the front which i don’t think i’ve ever seen before okay so let’s get it turned on and run through some quick setup okay cool so I’ve just run through the boring immediate bits of setup and here we go – welcome screen for color OS 6 so that’s sort of the upper branding for its own OS this is the same version of the OS that again on the on the latest arena we used to really not be a big fan of color OS but actually the six version is like a big step up it’s still not the best Android skin out there for me it still doesn’t match what one plus do with oxygen or Samsung’s new one you are the one they introduced earlier this year with the s10 but it’s it’s a real step up it’s very sort of Anna chunky and colorful and it’s got it’s got that kind of thing it still takes a lot of design cues from Apple and iOS but you know it looks nice it’s mostly pretty easy to navigate I find some of the settings menus a bit odd to work around but broadly I think unless you’re a real like stock Android nerd you’re probably not gonna have too much to complain about okay so one of the first things we’ll notice as we compare these two phones so again this is the reno z and this is the ten times zoom 5G model so yet the thenotch here so we’ve got this dewdrop kind of teardrop not effect on the top of the Z because it is lacking that main exciting high-end Reno feature which is that silly rising selfie camera or girl my chin looks horrible like that ‘s what that oh there we go so we don’t have that shock fin look on this phone it’s just a standard not which is a bit odd I think to put this out with the Reno name.

I think it felt maybe to a lot of people like Reno was synonymous with that that shark fin because that was kind of the one big thing that was unified across the previous Reno models but still at 300pounds maybe that’s kind of a sensible place to cut some corners and one of the funny things actually is the camera it’s potentially better this is a 32megapixel selfie camera where does that one’s only 16 so you are getting a high megapixel count on the selfie camera going to the back cameras this is where we got a big difference so I could said the main lens is still the same 48megapixel one it is it actually I was looking through the specs earlier it’s the same lens it’s the same Sony sensor it’s got the same aperture everything seems to be exact same as the lens that the the bigReno is packing what you’re not getting is the wide-angle or the five times optical zoom telephoto that’s in the tenth um zoommodel instead that second lens is just a 5 megapixel depth sensor so that will help taking portrait mode shots and things like that but you’re not getting those other like zoom options wide-angle all that it’s just gonna take your standard images well portrait should be good it should have the same softwareside and the sort of AI image processing so you should get the same night mode stuff obviously I’ve just got the phone out soI haven’t had a chance to run through exactly how the camera performs but I Would expect it to do a pretty good job like I was impressed by the Reno 10times zoom camera I’m sure this will do almost as well for standard voters the challenge is going to be while on the software side the processing might be the same hardware wise.

About Processor

It’s definitely going to be quite different well the Reno is packing a Snapdragon sorry the reno 10 times zoom is packing a snapdragon 855 this is a mediatek helios p90 processor which you may have heard of MediaTek is one of the other sort of rival chip manufacturers they don’t tend to get used as often certainly not in the West and certainly not in big phonesor flagship models the p90 is kind of an equivalent to the Snapdragon 710 so it’s a mid-range chip so it will be fine it will be fast enough for ordinary usage but it’s definitely not flagship performance it’s definitely not hand gaming performance and I would feel it might lag a bit when you’re talking about that image processing stuff it could mean that saying night mode and things like that may take a little bit longer to process it may not come out quite as well and that’s one of the things I’m going to looking for as we’re playing around with the phone in the full review rest of the specs are it’s a kind of a similar story there’s four gigabytes of RAM rather than six or eight, 128 gigabytes of storage at least in the UK I think other countries may be getting slightly different skews in terms of RAM amounts of storage amounts so I know funds coming to India in August I’m not sure where else so if those internal specs are a bit different where you are than sorry but yeah for the UK it’s for gig of ram and 128 gig of storage other than that though there aren’t that many compromises like the design is still nice it’s obviously a bit smaller than the Reno but that’s probably thing for a lot of people like them you know this is a big phone like this is right at the limits.

About Display

What I am comfortable using in terms of phoneslide and you can sort of see like in my unlike that’s a stretch for me to use that so the the big Reno is six point seven inch screen this is six point four inch so I think for a lot of people that would be a nicer size actually it’s still plenty big it’s a small notch so you’re still getting an almost fullscreen experience and actually the screen should be of avery comparable quality it’s also AMOLED it’s also 1080p so this is basically the same kind of screen experience you’re getting in that high-end Reno phone you just have to put up with a little bit of a notch at the top which I don’t think is particularly big compromise to make given the price difference we’re looking elsewhere in otherwise yeah the software’s the same they’re still in screen fingerprint scanner you get the perk of a headphone jack which you don’t get on the more expensive arena it’s still USB C charging and like I said it’s still got the vooc 3.0 super fast charging so you should be looking at charging like most of the battery in half an hour it’s the same four thousand milliamp hour battery and given that it’s running a slower processor in likeslow specs actually that battery life should last a lot longer so we’re the flagship Rina 10 times zoom would do add a stretch to two days just about I kind of expect the Reno Z to be a two day phone pretty comfortably if it’s if it’s what I’m expecting from it I haven’t tested that but that’s what I’d be thinking this is likely to deliver so yeah I mean I must be really quite impressed by this I it’s it’s got a lot of them for what it is the big drawback is you’re going to be missing out on that kind of internal processing powerso if what you’re really looking for is gaming it’s not going to deliver on that front but for everything else it kind of will and the only big compromise on photography is that you’re missing the telephoto and the wide-angle will I Honestly think those are the kind of things most people don’t use that often they’re nice features to market a phone they sound really cool you see people zoomed in shots of like faraway buildings and it seems really cool when you’ve actually got the phone nine times out of ten you just take it out your pocket point-and-shoot and take the photo that you get from that and this will be almost as good I would think on that kind of photo which is what counts plus this color is so much better than the green of that if you ask me so yeah this is out now I think in the UK at 299 I think it’s coming to India in August August 11th is the day I saw but that like I might decide on that so sorry yeah if you like the look of the sort of modern la po and you’ve been tempted but you’re sort of not quite sure about that pivot rising camera or you can’t justify the cost of one of the top end Renos like yeah I would give the Reno Z.

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