Samsung A21S Full Review 2020

Samsung A21S
Samsung A21S

World best to experience and this product Samsung will deliver with 3 colors that are blue and black and there are 2 versions A Ballad version is 32 GB internal memory But in the dynamic world, the device will exclusively have a product with 6G of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. The price in turn will be from 4,690,000 shows 3G and 5,690,000 for the 6G version And now we will Unpack and hold hands together Yes Then about Phan Box design is as simple as the other Galaxy A products we include The picture here and the friend on my hand are probably the blue version Then I’ll open the box for you all so we can explore the accessories together See what we got and lost Yes, ok first, this is the box, very thin and very light for you Yes, there is only manual way but Russia does not have a case Click here to be our main character I wash my four seven then I will set it aside with accessories, we include the first one is a quick charger 15 packs here 15w fast running will come in a cable box with VTC And finally that is a sim stick So the accessories are so simple so let’s call it Now we And so we have finished the machine and we will go around the design of the Galaxy together A21s with my feeling is idol.

About Display

The first impression that comes from the screen of this product Galaxy A21s owns an Infinity War Infinity Screen with the size of 6.5 inches And obviously, in this 2020, the Infinity War screen is much appreciated while providing a better experience and a larger display space and in particular it gives us a modern feel trendy and more luxurious than screens like a water drop screen, right? With this device you will see that the edges are around Samsung Pretty design is thin is a bit below it is a little bit long but it still looks very balanced you guys with the screen aspect ratio going to be 29 so that’s how we worked So comfortable, even though it’s up to 6.5 inches Absolutely you can easily use with one hand to manipulate one is very easy in This screen will be the next screen, you will go with HD + resolution About the actual experience, the screen still gives us the quality The colors are shown are very detailed Even though it won’t be as vivid as the AMOLED curtain, the actual visual experience we have It’s still very comfortable already. You look at the back of the Galaxy A21s You see that it is a designer shirt sleek and luxurious with a back face with gait motifs. The colors when you are These thousands of products are still modified from the material that is police carbonate Because I see that Samsung designed quite a shift Chu and refined it with the angled Here It is very gentle with a curved back.

About Camera

Exactly the child at night is very comfortable to hold comfortable in the palm of your hand Article 35 we will see that is comprised of a 4-camera system with a distinctive Samsung page design 2020 mentioned above is the L-shaped camera and flash we include one-touch fingerprint on the back below we also have the Samsung logo here A and you look from the right side of the machine will see the source water is also the volume up and down keys on the left is the place where the sim tray is shown and I’ll show it to you Yes, the sim is too This product will support two Nano sims and a maximum memory card of The 512gb you guys just above we include a speakerphone here On the bottom side, there is a 3.5-port jack that connects to the PC and phone as well as the speakerphone The grip feels very comfortable with a moderate weight of a thinness that is about 8.6 new Linh Even though this product has a very large capacity of you guys reception to it is about the camera system, you can see that it is Galaxy A21s owns a 4-camera system including 1 main camera is 48 access with Aperture of F 2.0 camera wear the batch of U23 Excel so we can take close-up pictures with a distance of 3 to 5cm You are still equipped with an ultra wide-angle cam 123 degrees with a resolution of 8 excel and the camera on the top will be a 2megapixel camera support take pictures delete fonts go into the camera interface, you will see is with platform 10 we still have a very simple interface and easy to use with features like video capture and capture all the animations here These super wide angle shooting features erase this background and it’s still full of you As for the percentage or selfie, this product will also be upgraded selfie camera compared to A20s from 8 to 13m Excel I think the skin is superimposed with reproduced colors so it’s pretty good and still has all the features like the star in the wide angle After clearing the beauty mode font with color filters is still full, lady.

About Features

The next update is for Samsung to be able to stay This feature is a feature that you can use to record and record videos smell more And this product will be supported for maximum video recording that will be full HD in all major countries after that you ok, that’s the camera and I will have a test video take a closer look at the camera in the next videos I talk about the configuration of the Galaxy A21s, I am also very impressed it is this product that will be equipped with a brand new and powerful processor in the segment and 8-year Action Note functionality it’s about this microprocessor, this is going to be a process that is produced on the process that it is allowed Dude, this is our high-end chips with the highest line is also 75 meters, the mid-range phone is just over 4 million and more than 5 million but know that the processing is made 85 meters in progress so that’s what it gives us ability to process as well as focus on performance and especially save battery life in time to use And moreover, the product content of up to 5,000 vezel battery comes with fast charging of 15w promises to give us a usage time of up to about two days as well as a full charge time The battery of this device will fall somewhere in about 2 hours 20 minutes, guys About other features, this product will also be equipped with the latest Android 10 platform with an interface many 2.1 speakers we also have some of the same ones as feature change the gesture navigation so that you can use with one hand easier by manipulation Swipe the Mac easily and simply like the Galaxy products Previously we did not have some features.

For example the dark mode yes, we can also turn it on to make it look more beautiful and supportive as well some features like Dolby atmos surround sound you can plug in headphones so we can experience 360 ​​sound or better slower Features like making like the car to be able to Easy connection That is why the video today I want to share with you all about the Galaxy quickly A21s one of the latest products from the Samsung house If you are interested in this, you can click right below the description of the video as well as the nearest Blue World Mobile Electric World systems to be able to experience as well as on-hand and note that the 6G ram version and internal memory is 64GB is only sold exclusively in the dynamic world of you and you rate the design Configuration.

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