Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Full Review 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy 20 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 while much of it appears to be rumors that we do have a genuine leak which advises us of a big change in the note 20 appearance will quickly run through the leaks and rumors that have appeared and then we’ll take a look at the new design of the note 20 and the patterns that have been filed accordingly now these leaks have appeared on the web but none of them are giving any reasoning or sources so well they could be true but let’s not have too much faith know your mobile stated that the note 20 is coming with some major espan updates but gives no mention of what updates or features or very vague we can assume it’s true given that universe has already told us this at the beginning of March he told us that that the note 20 is being referred to as project canvas internally and it will have a new S Pen with new features we’ve also had news that the Galaxy Note 20 is gonna support quad HD plus resolutions and a 120 Hertz for afresh rate this isone of the most likely features considering the s 20 has the hardware capable but it’s restricted in software and the displays that they supposedly do allow this to happen on the oneplus 8 Pro are provided from Samsung displays we also have news that a micro sd card slot will be included in the galaxy note 20 well it is something that we come to expect many consumers were upset when it wasn’t present on the smaller Note 10 so I can see Samsung bringing this back there are also rumors that as with the Stranger.

About Process

We’ll be getting three versions of the Galaxy Note 20 there are a reports of a standard Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 pro and finally a galaxy note 20 ultra with no leaks or information backing this up I really think it has to be false they’ve only just started introducing two notes into the series so this is very unlikely yes they release multiple models in the S Range but this has been happening for a while I believe it there’s only going to be two when it comes to the note we’ll get the GalaxyNote 20 in either the Galaxy Note 20 plus or the galaxy note 20 ultra or whatever they choose to call it again we’ve got rumors of graphene batteries being used on the Galaxy Note 20 now we get these every single year and every year I tell you that it’s just not happening they can’t be effectively mass-produced yet so we won’t be getting them in smartphones anytime soon we’ve got news that Samsung are gonna be scrapping the Exynos chipset and including the Snapdragon for all models now this is 100% untrue Samsung Must be saving a lot of money using their in-house chipset and this won’t be changing anytime soon there have already been complaints fromExodus after Samsung made the decision to provide the Snapdragon variant in South Korea and Samsung even issued a statement say that both versions perform equally in real life well the Exynos is still a good chipset this statement is just untrue the Snapdragon outperforms the X loss in bench marks and considerably in the GPU Department and many third-party tests have found that the Snapdragon actually provides up to 20% better battery performance finally on to the main news of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and that is of course it’s design we know that we’ll be getting an improved and hopefully next gen OLED display.

About Display

We’ve had patents filed for curved display with protruding buttons we now have a new patent showcasing a very curved display the patent was discovered at by let’s go digital were invented by concept creator it shows the display is not only curved at the side edges but it’s also curved at the top and the bottom well it does look similar to the new design fromHuawei it’s actually very different it’s huawei’s was just using the glass and not even bending the whole display this pattern here is for the screen to curve on all edges and includes it rounded off corners now we know that it is intended for a galaxy as it was listed as a galaxy smartphone display and it’s recorded on the World Intellectual Property Office database it’s fullscreen design of course means that it will have an in display fingerprint scanner and could even have an in display selfie camera as well now this is of course just a pattern so it doesn’t mean it will definitely see it in the Galaxy Note 20 but we could see it in a future galaxy phone if not now for those that are holding out for the Galaxy Note 20 we’re going to run through the leaks we’ve already had so farand the specs we expect to see in the upcoming at note 20 or note 20 ultra.

The note was always much bigger than the s range in the past things have been changing lately so it’s going to be interesting to see at what screen sizes we get with the galaxy note 20 last year we had the note in two sizes which was six point three inch in six point eight inch displays we then had a light model come later with a six point seven inch display given that the S range has massively increased in size with a six point nine inch display now coming I’mgonna estimate that we could see a Galaxy Note 20 with at least a 7 inch display now of course smartphone sizes are generally getting largerso phablet sizes are going to rise too given the success of last year’s notesI’m also going to predict that we’ll be getting a Galaxy Note 20 along with theGalaxy Note 20 plus we haven’t had any solid leaks or information when it comes to displays but I’m going to predict a 6.5 inch display on the Galaxy Note 20and a 7 inch display on the Galaxy Note 20 plus I’m expecting both models to be1440 by 3200 resolution and that will be a 120 Hertz dynamic AMOLED display we’re not gonna see an in display fingerprint scanner along with Gorilla Glass 6 for protection now.

About Camera

When it comes to the selfie camera the note line actually led the innovation for Samsung last year it’s gonna be interesting to see whether they stick with the punch hole camera top center or if the Galaxy Note 20 comes with a new design altogether many are curious where the in display cameras are going to be available for consumers when Samsung have this technology ready my guess would be introducing it on the note line but unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is probably a little bit too early for this tech and it’s likely gonna be something we see in 2021 when it comes to the rear of the samsung galaxy note 11 or the galaxy note 20 is it maybe cooled I’ve got no doubts that we’re gonna see a rectangular camera housing Samsung have stuck with this across their mid-range and their flagship this year so the note 20 should be no different Samsung have also been getting a lot more adventurous with their cameras soI’m gonna predict that we’ll get a 100 megapixel isocell sensor with pixel binning technology we’ll get a periscope lens with some incredible zoom capabilities we’ll get an ultra wide-angle for those wide shots and we’ll also get a 3D time-of-flight depth sensor we’ll also no doubt see better camera sensors on the samsung galaxy note 20 plus compared to the standard note 20.

About Hardware

The hardware department we know the galaxy note 20 is going to be powered by the Snapdragon 865 in North America in the Exynos 990 globally was he up to 512 gigs of internal storage with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and it will, of course, be expandable with a microSD card given the larger size the galaxy note 20 plus is expected to have a battery capacity of 5200 milliamp hours while the galaxy note 20 is gonna be around 4,300 of course at both Galaxy Note 20S it gonna be running Android 10 in the form of 1UI 2 and it will be ip68 water-resistant the galaxy note 20 is expected to come with stereo speakers and no three and a half mil headphone jack.Most importantly for note fans it will be coming with the much-loved S Pen using Bluetooth 5 we haven’t had any leaks on the upcoming s-pen but it’s no doubt gonna be more refined with new hardware and software features the Galaxy Note 20 is set to be an incredible device and judging by recent years we can expect the Galaxy Note 20 to launch at the start of August 2020 and release towards the end of the month when it comes to pricing it will of course be an expensive device prices are expected to start at about 1100 to 1200 dollars for the standard no 20 and around 1,400 to 1,500 dollars for the galaxy note 20 plus or galaxy note 20 ultra as it may also be called given the success of this year’s Lite models it’s also likely that we’ll get a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 light released further down the line it’s a great time to be a Samsung fan with some any phones being released by the company we’ve got a huge selection in a range the premium s and the note line on top of the galaxy fold and the galaxy’s dead flip phone now I have to say the Z flip phone is the only one that doesn’t really excite me that’s just because I see it is a little bit unnecessary it’s sort of trying to solve a problem that isn’t really there in the first place being over we have today but as soon as any solid information comes to light I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away but I just wanted to give you my estimations along with these stunning renders that concept artists have already brought together as always though I’d like to know your guys thoughts in the comments who out there is waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and do you think we’ll see this curved display on all four edges.

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