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Sony Xperia 1 ii Full Review 2020

Sony Xperia 1 ii
Sony Xperia 1 ii

Sony Xperia 1 ii Triple cameras, 8MP, 6.5 inches screen, 4000 mAh battery Qualcomm snapdragon 865 processor, certified water-resistant IP65/68 Ok, we’ll unbox it right away. This is the phone! Ok, the first thing you’ll see is the Startup Guide. It’s a bit unique, folded like a map. Let’s open it up to see what’s inside. Here we have. Headphone jack (Cup: It’s an earphone, why are you saying headphone? Such a noob!) The earbuds are also included. Then we have the charger adapter This charger adapter is the type that you can pull out like this, it fits the Singapore’s electric socket. This is an 18-watt charger adaptor. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh an upgrade from the previous model with a 3333 mAh battery. The phone supports up to a 21-watt charger adaptor. Even Though you only get an 18-watt adapter but the phone can support up to 21 watts. The phone also supports wireless charging. The charging cable is the USB-C one. There’s nothing else inside the box. Our main menu. The phone’s plastic wrap is a bit special like this. Wow, cool!! What do we have on this phone? On the front, as you already know, the 6.5 inches screen. On the right side, there are the volume buttons, This is the fingerprint scanner cum power button And then the shutter button for capturing shots The cool thing about this is you can half-press the button just like DSLR cameras so half-press to find the focus, then full press to capture the shot. That’s all for the right side. On the bottom side, there is a USB-C port. Beside that is the microphone. On the left side, there is the sim card slot, I’ll open it later. On the top side, we have the sacred port, which supports the 3.5 mm audio jack. Now the question is Where is the speaker located? I’ll tell you, the speaker is located below, right here. There’s this small ledge lined below the screen, and it’s already a stereo speaker. There’s one below, and one at the top. Cool, isn’t it? And here we have the front camera. On the backside, there are the 3 cameras, we’ll talk more about it later. Apart from the 3 cameras, there is also the depth camera and flashlight “Sony” and “Xperia” writings.

About Features

The thing is this type of glass material is prone to fingerprint stains. The material is using the latest corning gorilla glass 6, at the front and back, the sides are made out of aluminum First Impression At first glance, I honestly think this phone’s design is so unique, different from other flagship phones. When I hold the phone, I feel like I become 30% more handsome than usual. (He’s the only one who thinks like that) It feels comfortable to hold the phone, even with 1 hand only. Even Though the phone is rather tall and it’s quite difficult to reach the top part of the screen. The phone has 8GB RAM with 256 GB UFS 3.0 supported storage It comes in 3 colors which are purple, white, and black. And since I’m so enthusiastic about this phone For the first time, I immediately put my sim card inside this phone after I unbox it. So that I know the experience I turn on the phone right away and was welcomed by Android 10 which is not heavily modified by Sony The appearance is so simple but I like it a lot. SO the display of this phone… Oops, wrong thing. Since a lot of people said it looks like an AC remote, LOL! The display of this phone is 6.5 inches with 21:9 aspect ratio And the screen resolution is in 4K, HDR OLED, super cool! however, the screen refresh rate is still at 60 Hz A lot of people might be disappointed by this, but it’s not a big deal for me. The dimension of this phone is height: 165.1 mm, width: 71.1mm and depth: 7.6 mm The weight is still okay, it doesn’t feel too heavy at around 181.4 grams If you take a look here, the screen has no notch at all. It was hidden on the top bezel and I prefer this design. Which one do you guys prefer? a full-screen display, bezel-less, with a bit of notch Or no notch at all with a bit of bezel at top and bottom to hide the notch Comment below which one do you prefer.

About Camera

Video playback and speaker I’ve tested the video playback, the picture is crystal clear and the speaker sound is also very good. Just listen It also has a dynamic vibration feature. The phone vibrates slightly according to the audio. It feels like watching in a movie theater, so cool. When you’re watching youtube, you will notice rather large space on the sides. Of course, this will happen since the phone is rather long, and if you make it to full screen, the edges of the video will be cropped out. The camera resolution is 12 MP and it’s not just an ordinary 12 MP lens This is the specs of the detailed camera The lens is a Zeiss lens with T* coating, nice. For the front camera, the resolution is 8 MP Moving on to the camera’s software For the standard camera apps, it’s just simple You can select the lens, camera or video, and some other features What’s interesting here is the Pro camera and video apps Which are Pro Photo and Cinema Pro First for the Pro Photo, you can select which lens to use Set the exposure, white balance, autofocus, etc There’s no button on the screen You have to use the shutter button located on the right side half-press to set the focus after the focus is set, fully press the button to shoot the picture. I’ve also tested the burst shot, which could take up to 20 pictures per second. So fast! Next, I tried eye tracking, and the result was satisfactory. It can still track my eyes even though I’m wearing glasses. Next is the Cinema Pro apps, there’s a lot of resolution to choose from. You can also choose the FPS, filters, etc These are some of the photos and videos that were taken by the phone. Videos and Photos Sample Yo guys, you are looking at the front camera video result of Sony Xperia 1 II, what do you think? Is it good or not?

There is one feature called HS Power Control This function will maintain the phone’s temperature so it won’t overheat when you’re gaming while charging at once. By controlling electricity inflow to make the battery last longer. For playing PUBG and COD, everything is smooth with no lag. I will make another video specially for gaming. There is also a feature called Motion Blur Reduction which can make the screen feel like a 90 Hz refresh rate screen But I don’t feel any different when I try the feature. If you double-tap the right or left edges of the phone The Side Sense feature will be activated, like a shortcut. There is also a Multi Window feature to open 2 apps at the same time since the screen is very tall. I really can’t wait to explore deeper into this phone And I fall more and more in love with this. I.. Ex… epilepsy system error For those of you Sony lovers, please comment below What do you want to see in detail about this phone?

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