Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Full Review 2020

Xiaomi MI 9T Pro
Xiaomi MI 9T Pro

Xiaomi MI 9T Pro can be said about this phone is actually blown up the market Smartphones in 2019 for the first 4 months It has sold more than 3 million units but nothing lasts forever in the court already in 2020 and it’s time to consider relevant for This bestseller today gave in general This year, sit down comfortably let us understand the phone was presented in May 2019 as a first flagship in the line and redmi He therefore called readme to about 20 but then something went wrong and the markets other countries except China phone I went under the name xiaomi mi 9T about but if in the global smartphone market modifications appeared in sixty-six four and six hundred twenty-eight readme gigabytes to 20 changes that have yet to 8256 gigabyte on board is such discrimination for what you’re talking about exactly Medea but love or already in love with 99 percent people so it is for his screen without cutting out the brow of the droplets is generally complete Frameless smartphone looks very effectively hefty phone weighs one hundred and ninety one gram and in my classic black coloring only 4 colors red Carbon black flame Glacier Blue and white pearls This of course all at a lover but I red blue execution not gone smartphone casing itself is made of glass gorilla glass 5 generations with the framework of the aluminum buttons are on the right Grand Prix this power button did of aggressive red well let’s Block of the cameras behind little but removes even you can hide them mantle from a kit he really do not feel ashamed of matte black soft touch plastic but prints gathers to cheer in my case.

About Display

The phone comes with a 120 eight gigabytes of memory on board UFC 21 but unfortunately no way to expand it must not the tray is only 2 SIM cards without opportunity to put the memory card all this makes version 64 gigabytes hardly relevant today as only 128 gigabytes only hardcore earlier the screen is made by technology and years size of 639 inches with a resolution full hd + Display good juicy bright with large viewing angles while rejecting colors a little fade but it hardly notably in the frame of the screen but the minimum chin still a little more than others so that symmetry is not observed illumination range of 3 to 7 virtually and will of course like any mallet the screen is present PWM the maximum value is reached approximately 30 percent brightness and It comes to 110 percent but sensitive to the people settings can be enabled Disi dimming remarkable that when the 10 min ki eye virtually no visible distortion Knife colors of his screen remains It is approximately at the level of 20-30 per cent which of course is higher than normal but at 10 minutes ki left enabled, and so with him and go amoled screen because of course there is always on display but he castrated ears while since shows all the icons and only several programs so that plus screen for Bizarro power good corners review but that is not enough for trends 2020 Scan screen of 60 hertz to 2020 m it would have been nice to see at least hertz 90 it is clear that the net engaged and so as the game is still not yet 90 Gerst support looking at the screen that appears notification light here is not delivered but there is no vent for it is at the top extendable side frame on the front Camera location is not the best since can hardly see.

What It is interesting still to leave the camera It is surprising that people first just take the phone in hand but this decision of course, there are disadvantages because such a mechanism phone It received generally dust-moisture protection to Unfortunately for exporting place on the body minijack but also not found to the headphone jack on the top face of still posted by the very mechanism of the camera even on special forums but no complaints if you listen it works unpleasant accompanied by the opening of the closure some crackles and it seems that my Now something will fall off but there is no even in the open position of the camera is not lyuftit 0 brains and phone heart is almost flagship snapdragon 800 55 Basically.

About Process

You can not no more speak reserve capacity of CPU will miss another year 2 but there are a couple of comments we are now 9t already received about 11 miyuay versions android-based 10 and in terms of interface scrolling animation all in principle well of course it is sometimes twitching, but most of all I surprising performance of the program to the floor Throttling it probably should not believe one hundred percent but even if you add program in the game booster thirty minutes of work begins drawdown of performance and there is not It seems to have a problem on the side of miyuay 11 because all of this 855 Snap All parts should be OK As for games on stable 55-60 fps maximum chart call of duty even after 30 to 40 minutes of the game drawdown but no longer shadowgun legends the processor does not allow to relax ultra fps setting is also kept on at 50 to 60 fps but during the shootings sometimes squander 25-30 and games such as folder fal 9 played without brakes in playing games is even one negative there is only one speaker it often Cover your hand and stereo then of course a bit lacking but the speaker who is playing right very loudly as for heating, all within reasonable After half an hour of load and even with clad cover body warmed media library at the hottest point to 38 degrees my 10 showed slightly worse results there temperature has reached 40 degrees all this power to the battery feed 4000 milliampere hour and it matters not even in the hardcore us with games mode yutuba several runs and antutu geekbench not about 9T quiet enough for a day Use at 4 hours with a slight Screen small crane and time It explained just tests in antutu and kapu throttling live there no longer charge screen during normal use of the same can be Squeeze stably to 7 hours Screen.

About Battery

If we talk just about the dry numbers half an hour of the game on Ultra settings shadow gun Jones consumes approximately 13 percent charge and completely with 100 percent to zero during phone game sits at four o’clock 23 minutes it all splendor can be recharged using fast charge to 27 watts but Comes with power supply only 18 and use it to your phone from zero to one hundred percent charge in my case for 1 hour 23 minutes with 30 minutes accumulates 49 percent of the charges and that’s what a bit lacking as it is a wireless charging and then not delivered but fans of contactless payment may be quiet and all there google play works the way The camera module of the three chambers currently has nearly full arsenal needed in everyday life the main module in the forty-8 megapixels production sony mx 581 f aperture 17 May 2 is 2 fold 8 megapixel telephoto diaphragm f But 24 and 13 megapixels ball with an angle viewing 120 degrees of course he had no AF as was done took 10 minutes as for me it has everything and Every individual lenses I think the main macro superfluous Module treasure is the technology bayer ie comprises four pixel Vadim which in theory gives an increase in detail but in general the image of light during the day the main module takes good only sometimes misses the mark on white balance and bark for the light and for comparison we take a frame from the galaxy s 10 fighter you do from a different league but Even more interesting to look at the main entrance to Gorky Park in the whole picture received approximately equal but Samsung a bit lighter though bringing text on a plate on xiaomi something else as possible read but samsung here already but was blown away or this photo closer to reality turned out to be about my 9T colors more naturally and Samsung pain all colorfully but heaven she gives in too blue and here.

About Camera

I am on the contrary you liked big picture looks at it more lively and depth of images transmitted better mode to forty times 8 megapixels miss’s ordinary picture 12 megapixels but at 48 for all the details the sky disappeared when photographing people forces often miss the mark with the skin sometimes come slightly reddish hue not detail in this uniquely all still it is better but in the dark already not so smooth picture is although a little soap if a little light there is a bit of good 2 fold zoom removes at about 10 to differences of detail is almost there but the light come on on the Samsung Shirikov same if gives closer picture a little too more soap than samsung Medea video you can shoot up to about 4k 60 frames per second, the focus is fulfilled good stabilization but if you turn modifying not very dynamic range for the average sometimes sky specifically illuminates all the sources You can see the link in the description but if the sum verdict camera good level but with all the braids the pictures were taken, and so application but of course you can put google camera but certainly not all there certain conditions, the pictures on it provides better quality.

Bogolepov on aliexpress asks only 360 bucks for the version with 128 gigabytes that right is very invigorating if the sum total of the specific advantages we get Frameless juicy screen without cut-outs and droplets powerful processor whose performance will be enough a year or two and maybe even three battery 4000 milliampere hour after me 10 It shows a direct bouncy really good It holds a charge has a headphone jack nfc and dual-band gps well and the price we also written in the plus of minuses but either which may lack a little in 2020 no slots for memory card is not dust and moisture protection one mono speaker is not a wireless Charging indicator inconveniently placed notifications well, icing on the cake instead of the screen 60 Hertz wanted to at least 90 for someone, these disadvantages would essential for someone at all minor but to me you went straight Medea about their three hundred and sixty dollars tons work out whether it is healthy for him This is particularly suitable cliché top for my money, and taking into account the cost of this the phone will be quite relevant in 2020 unless of course all of the above.

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